Engagement RINGS

The true essence of the Engagement is strong like the beautiful diamond, and never ending like the shape of the ring.  Select your Engagement Ring from our in-store selection or sit down with one of our Jewellers and have your dream ring designed and made in our on-site Workshop.
When choosing a diamond, there are the 4C's of diamond quality to know before choosing the right diamond for you and your budget. The 4C's are:  diamond colour, diamond cut, diamond clarity and diamond carat weight.
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At NY2K JEWELLERS, we can sit down with you and explain in more detail the 4C's of a diamond, and why this knowledge is vital when choosing and comparing diamonds.  We make sure you are well informed about all the options available to you, and ensure you are confident when making your final decision.  We pride ourselves in this service and make sure you are comfortable along the journey.

wedding rings

You've chosen the wedding dress, and picked out your wedding venue.  Now the decision of what to have for your wedding rings.  It may seem of less importance, but you will be wearing the wedding bands for the rest of your life. Comfort, style and compatability are all things to consider when choosing your rings.  There are no rules when choosing your wedding bands.
Whether you're after a traditional or modern wedding ring, select from one in-store at NY2K JEWELLERS, or sit with one of our jewellers and design your dream wedding rings together.


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