As a Q–Report Certified Jeweller, we believe in providing our customers with the confidence to wear their precious jewellery everywhere, and anytime.  

It’s for this reason that we offer you a specialist insurance policy which is custom designed to your piece of jewellery.  What better way than to give you peace of mind  before you leave our store.

The Q Report specialist jewellery insurance policy offers;

  • Agreed value policy
  • Confidence to wear your ring worldwide
  • Free evaluation of the ring at renewal
  • Guaranteed return to your jeweller – you bought from your preferred jeweller and that is who you go back to!
  • $100 excess covering lost, stolen and damage rings

Protect the things you love by insuring your ring with Q Report & NY2K JEWELLERS. Please call us on 07 5443 1955 or email us here for a quick quote today.  It is important to insure all your valuables, just in case the unthinkable happens.  And if that happens, NY2K JEWELLERS can assist.

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Having jewellery lost, stolen or damaged is a traumatic experience, so it's good to know you've have someone to help you in your time of need. 

What do you do next?

  1. Contact your insurance company to lodge your claim and obtain a claim number
  2. Speak with us at NY2K JEWELLERS and we can provide you with a quote for the insured items.  It is helpful if you have an old quotation that details the jewellery particulars, or a photo.  If it is a purchase from our store we will have a record of its’ detail.
  3. Forward your claim and quote to the Insurer/Assessor for authorisation.
  4. Once approved, contact our store to discuss your replacement jewellery.

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