Pearls are the only gemstone produced by a living organism, and are a gift from the sea.  

And at NY2K JEWELLERS, our jewellers can source the perfect pearl for you - whether it be South Sea Pearls, Australian South Sea Pearls or Tahitian Black Pearls.

The worth of each pearl is determined by the 5 Virtues for pearls: Lustre. Complexion. Shape. Colour. Size.  As each pearl is unique, these virtues are considered when choosing the right pearl for you.

Pearls are an ageless classic piece of jewellery and can be adorned as a pair of earrings, pendant, bracelet, ring, necklace or bangle. 

Care for Pearls

At NY2K JEWELLERS, we always suggest that Pearls should be the LAST THING YOU PUT ON when dressing and the FIRST THING YOU TAKE OFF when you get home. 

Pearls can be harmed by contact with many chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics and hair care products of all kinds.

If you wish to clean your pearls, dip them in lukewarm water with gentle natural soap (not detergent).  Rinse well and allow to dry wrapped in a cotton cloth.  Then wear them to return some oils from your skin to the pearls.

Wear your pearls every now and then as they don't like being stored away, as they improve in luster and glow when worn regularly.

Nature creates the pearls, we source the pearls, and you enjoy the pearls.


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