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Sentimental Value

At NY2K JEWELLERS we understand that your jewellery has sentimental value and may be a treasured piece.  

Jewellery Repairs 

NY2K JEWELLERS offers a repair service in our on site workshop.  

Before you piece is worked on, we provide a complimentary jewellery check and ultrasonic clean, so you may have the condition of your jewellery assessed. This may detect any faults or wear and tear in settings that may affect the security of your mounted diamonds and gemstones.

Re-modelling & Design

You open your drawer and see treasured pieces of jewellery that you no longer wear. And you say to yourself “one day I will do something with those”.  NY2K JEWELLERS can help.  

Bring them in and we can offer suggestions and advise of what you can do.  Our jewellers are experts at bringing your vision to life, and can transform your unworn pieces into something that you would want to wear and reflects your true style.

     "from inspiration to creation"

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